The fact that Palm PDAs (and others) are never really turned off, even when replacing the batteries, makes me think of perpetual stew.

I wonder what's the longest one of these devices has been running non-stop...

Signal beta tests cryptocurrency 

It's looking more and more like a money grab by Moxie, who is a paid advisor to MobileCoin. In any case I'm not interested in a coin being in my chat app.

Got input working, and things are actually running. It’s still too slow to be useful, but not going to stress about that for now.

My long weekend project is a port of ORCΛ (specifically orca-toy) to Palm OS on the Alphasmart Dana. Made some progress today. Not quite as useful as the versions by @neauoire and others, but it is rendering frames!(extremely slowly) hope to get it faster tomorrow and and add midi after that.

I've been using Palm's memo app for my notes for a couple of weeks now. Hit the note length limit today (4k) - the stowaway keyboard is just too good, you keep typing and typing...

Appearently Apple's HomePod Mini has secret Temperature and Humidity sensors waiting to be turned on. I really wish companies would stop sneaking in secret sensors to everything. seems that at this point the only way to get something that does ONLY what you want it to do is to reuse old offline only hw or build it yourself.

Sure temperature, humidity, that's pretty harmless. but why the secrecy? just tell me it's there and I can make my own decisions.

"Living Like It's 99: No Social Media, No Smartphone" by Gregory Alvarez

This is fascinating. I'm not this hardcore, but the way he describes it, maybe it's not so bad? The credit-card-sized dumbphone is neat.

The keyboard I got for the visor had a whole section of keys not working. Used some conductive ink to fix a ribbon cable that had some damaged traces and it’s all good now! This stuff is great for quick fixes, and seems to hold even after folding the keyboard a few times.

looking for a tumblr with 1bit art that came up on my feed a few months ago. I vaguely remember a ship at sea, a falling start and a fly - all animated. rings a bell to anyone?

I should go to bed but I’m preoccupied with how gemini would work on an offline sync based device like a Palm PDA. Rendering gmi files should be straightforward, but how do you sync them? Just specify a list of urls? Crawl an aggregator? How deep?

I did build a Twitter client for it, which seems counter productive to the whole being distractions free goal, but it's offline and sync based. you get a set amount of tweets with each sync, all actions go on a log and actually happen when you sync back. and YES - you can edit tweets, since nothing gets posted until you sync. mastodon, gemini, rss apps for Palm coming next. hopefuly I can ditch the phone once I get all of those going.

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Very happy with this Handspring Visor I got a week ago. It's running Palm OS 3, and I got it syncing with my gcal, so I can keep track of my schedule without distractions! It's been great so far.

Fixed the input issues and now the game is actually playable! Next step would be to add MZ loading and try playing Alley Cat

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Spent The last few weeks writing an x86-ish interpreter for the new Nintendo Game&Watch, I'm currently able to run simple COM executables! here's GOODY, running its demo

Following a discussion with @jlskzc yesterday I wrote a piece about the JavaScript ecosystem and how I feel it's now a soft-power that sustains itself.

Today was sunny so I spent most of it chilling out side. I was surprised to pick up hams on my shortwave radio. In the middle of LONDON!

Mattis Dovier is a French animator known for his spectacular, pixel-art monochrome animations.


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