Fixed the input issues and now the game is actually playable! Next step would be to add MZ loading and try playing Alley Cat

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Spent The last few weeks writing an x86-ish interpreter for the new Nintendo Game&Watch, I'm currently able to run simple COM executables! here's GOODY, running its demo

Today was sunny so I spent most of it chilling out side. I was surprised to pick up hams on my shortwave radio. In the middle of LONDON!

I was able to extract all app icons!
BUT... the b/w versions are corrupted :(

I wonder if these are originally like this (probably not), or if my extraction tool is doing this.

Or maybe ImageMagick can't handle b/w tiffs?

Added two new notes to

Extracting icons from NextStep apps

Parsing debug info on Borland compiled dos programs.


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